Our Mission

To strengthen global communities of innovators through human-centered software that delivers meaningful insights, opportunities, and resources; equipping them where they are to confidently engage in tackling our world’s most pressing challenges.

Our Founder Story

After leaving the Navy and transferring to Berkeley, I was immensely excited about taking full advantage of the people and resources available on campus – particularly those with respect to the innovation and entrepreneurship community. In the process of working on a side project for class, I quickly discovered just how difficult it was to find talent, build a team, and connect with people across campus. How could one of the top institutions in the world NOT have a system already built to empower students, alumni, faculty, and staff to leverage the community on their own? It blew my mind.  

Instead of requiring people to over extend themselves in order to find the support they need to thrive, our team at Harness seeks to address the challenges and inefficiencies that exist around allowing individuals to connect with like-minded people passionate about tackling similar problems in the world. After building a rudimentary version of a platform and taking it through a number of student run incubation programs, we had the opportunity to speak with customers, and collaborate with potential stakeholders to identify a business model. Our primary objective was to validate our belief that people not only wanted, but needed our product.  We consistently found that people profoundly resonated with both our platform and our mission.

Our journey thus far has involved an incredible amount of trial and error, learning and iterating. We’ve connected deeply with our users and our clients, and in doing so, we’ve discovered how fundamental data-tracking around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, economic impact, and program reach are to overall program success. While our beginnings are rooted in the university space, we’re looking forward to expanding into all organizations working hard to facilitate and nurture innovation communities.

As we continue to push ahead, we hope to remain constant and devoted to the core of our business – allowing individuals to leverage their community to its fullest potential, providing agency to people regardless of who they are or where they’re from.

Innovating alongside you,
Jeremy Hammer, CEO

Our Vision

To unearth maximum value and opportunity in virtual communities; breaking down existing barriers to achieving economic and creative freedom for all.

Our Guiding Principles

Embrace thoughtful and intentional growth.

We see every day as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and evolve. Embracing thoughtful and intentional growth means that we are always striving to be better than we were the day before, whether that’s for ourselves, for our team, or for our company vision. We believe that honest feedback is fundamental to rapid and sustainable growth, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to upholding a constructive, empathetic and sincere feedback culture.

Commitment is key.

We define commitment as showing up for your team, for your clients, for your users, and for yourself every single day. Showing up means always striving for excellence in the quality of work you produce. It means taking ownership and responsibility for your decisions, your ideas, your brilliance, and your mistakes.

People come first.

We recognize that every individual embodies so much more than just their role in a company. Meaningful and intentional relationships lie at the heart of how we approach team building, client relationships, user feedback, as well as product design and development. We understand that team transparency is critical to collaboration and we aim to make communication as open, honest, and accessible as possible.

For us, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is not a checkbox. It’s an actionable and ongoing goal. It means that we have dedicated ourselves to learning how to better embrace and celebrate the many communities, background and identities that surround us.

Maintain a startup mindset.

Maintaining a startup mindset means dedicating ourselves, always, to a necessarily rapid and truly human-centered process of ideate, create, validate, and iterate. It means never being afraid to start from zero, never being afraid to fail, and always encouraging innovative ideas – no matter from where, no matter from whom, and no matter how wild.

Meet the Team

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Business Development

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Software Development

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Client Success

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Software Development

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