The community-first innovation platform.

Automatically track key data points around the progress, impact, & engagement in every area of your innovation ecosystem.

Features and Services

Centralized Solution

Our platform as well as our team offers a centralized control center to understand and leverage key insights about your innovation community.

Engage and Grow

The easiest all-in-one support system to simultaneously maximize effectiveness, expand, and scale your innovation community.

Streamlined Reporting

Facilitate and instantly gather metrics for all of your entrepreneurship needs and initiatives.

Transform Connections

Turn your community’s networking power into opportunity power with access to 250+ (and growing) jobs and internships.

Our Product for Organizations

The only innovation-centric platform that is custom branded for your community – giving you the ability to help your members the way you want to.

Our Product for Individuals

Bringing together the world’s most innovative communities all in one place. Find and explore mentorship, startup resources, jobs and internships, and a global network of passionate, creative, and motivated individuals!

Don't settle for a solution that only covers part of your needs.

Manage and scale your innovation program using Harness – a centralized platform that allows you to convey your true impact to stakeholders, donors, sponsors, and corporate partners.