Entrepreneur Motivation: What To Do When You’re Losing It

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Entrepreneurs are most known for their ability to keep going when times are tough. They’re also known for their innovations and a commitment to bettering the world, but underlying each of these (generally) is grit.

Grit is becoming—if it’s not already—an extremely praise-worthy virtue. It’s pretty high up on the list of virtues sought after and admonished. But what exactly is it?

In short, it’s a mindset. It’s characterized by positive cognition enabling true perseverance. People exuding grit have a sort of uncanny ability to block the intrusive and discouraging from the mind. This blocking allows, in most cases, for forward movement—or at least it prevents back-ward movement.

According to popular advice, if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you better have grit.

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Find The Inspiration to Keep Your Entrepreneur Motivation

How about if you don’t, though? What if perseverance is challenging for you? What if you grew up in an environment in which positive cognition were nearly impossible to have, let alone sustain? Is entrepreneurship off the table for you, then?

No. Or, it shouldn’t be. While many entrepreneurs do possess true grit, the untold stories for many is that quite a few entrepreneurs don’t. Quite a few entrepreneurs struggle (yes, struggle) to maintain their positive cognition; struggle to maintain the mindset they started with.

Because of this, they struggle to stay motivated. So, how do you stay motivated? What are things entrepreneurs can do (or not do) to preserve and enhance their motivation? Here are a few ideas.

1. Talk To Someone About Your Entrepreneurial Problems You’re Facing

One of the key components of success for those who doing challenging things is the presence of a community around them. The entrepreneurs out there who are accomplishing great, innovative things are not doing so alone.

This is why so many venture capitalists are hesitant to sink money into a new company that only has one founder. What they want to see is that the founder has a co-founder.

In other words, VCs want to make sure the entrepreneur is not at this alone because they know that if they are, they are much more likely to go under.

Having people around you that you can share your motivational problems is essential. So when you star to notice your entrepreneur motivation fading, the best thing you can do is talk to your co-founder, team member or someone who gets it.

Tell them about the problems you’re coming up against. Ask them for their thoughts about the challenges. Be open.

2. Name The Comparisons That Are Driving Your Entrepreneurialism

Anyone attempting a bigger-than-self project is usually motivated by someone else’s work. Maybe you have an exemplar or role model who has done the thing you’re wanting to do. Maybe this person is still doing this thing.

We all have companies we look at think, “I want to get acquired just like them” or ” I want to scale as fast (or faster) as them.” We get caught up in comparisons. Comparing ourselves and our projects to those doing the same or similar thing is incredibly natural.

What you might not know, however, is that comparison can be a entrepreneur motivation destroyer. Here’s why.

When you’re caught up in genuine comparison with someone or something else, you’re driven by a truly impossible goal: to become someone or something that you aren’t and can never be.

Is it possible to accomplish similar things to other entrepreneurs and companies? Of course. But whatever you accomplish, it’ll be unique to you and your team.

When the driving motivation of an entrepreneur deep down is connected to comparison, we’re in trouble. The best thing we can do is unearth it, acknowledge how natural it is, and then recommit to being who we are.

3. Recharge Your Entrepreneurial Motivation By Giving Yourself A Break

Probably the chief motivation drainer is working too much. This is, in a way, somewhat bizarre because all we can convince ourselves of under these conditions is that we need to keep working. A little longer, a little harder, we tell ourselves.

We’ve written on similar ideas before, so we’ll keep this idea fairly short. Your motivational system requires rest and breaks in order for it to survive and flourish. Indeed, entrepreneur motivation’s main source of fuel is rest. Hence why people regularly come back from vacation fired up to get after it.

So, the old adage of “give yourself a break” couldn’t more true. Literally, give yourself a break. Perhaps you need several breaks; perhaps you need one really long break.

An hour or day of rest isn’t going to be the reason your entrepreneurial project didn’t make it—not taking the hour or day of rest will be, however.

A motivational quote for entrepreneurs

If this is your struggle as the leader of the team, you can expect that this is a struggle for those under your leadership. So challenge to you and your entrepreneurial team as you seek to repair your motivation: check in with you team.

We challenge you to take this material to your team and ask who’s feeling unmotivated. Invite open honesty. It may be tough at first, but the net result will be an enormous profit.

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