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Access to a Global Network of Innovators

Transform connections into meaningful partnerships with our chat channels, easily accessible and navigable people page, as well as our people matching algorithm based on the problems you’re most passionate about solving.

Quality Advice and Mentorship

The advice and feedback you receive in the early stages of a startup can make or break an idea. Quickly and easily receive answers to your most pressing questions with our Q&A feature, filter and match with experienced mentors in your industry, and easily book a meeting through the platform.

Hiring and Recruitment

Harness offers a solution that supports you in achieving your goals, whether you’re looking for your next opportunity at a high-growth startup, or seeking to expand and grow your own team. Our platform provides access to a hundreds of startup jobs and internships, as well as opportunities to post a job, find a co-founder or scale your team!

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There is power in community.

We believe that community support, knowledge sharing, and intentional relationship building are fundamental to personal, professional, and company development. Our platform is designed to help facilitate this growth.