How To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Mind Running: 2 Critical Habits

Entrepreneurial mind

Entrepreneurialism is a demanding enterprise that is not for everyone. Entrepreneurial projects are high risk—you’re starting a business for the first time or seeking to solve a problem no one else has solved yet. Your entrepreneurial mind must give everything to achieve the purpose

Entrepreneurs battle constant instability. One week your schedule might be full of leads on prospective clients, while the next week you could have three hot leads let you know they’ve decided to go with your competition. Predictability is a far off dream.

Entrepreneurs experience serious joy and excitement alongside intense let down and discouragement. On top of this, there are the endless hours spent working on your project—whether it be intentional work or simply your free thought that is unintentionally occupied by your venture.

So how do entrepreneurs keep going? How does someone under these conditions sustain a quality of life that actually contributes to their well-being rather than detract from it? Not easily. Indeed, keeping your entrepreneurial mind running—and by that we mean running well—takes a lot of work.

Here are two critical habits to adapt to keep your entrepreneurial mind running well.

1. Perform A Self Diagnostic of Your Entrepreneurial Mind

Thinking about ourselves in terms of cars can be quite helpful. Ideally, we want to become the classic that decades later runs as if it’s brand new.

There will be unavoidable wear and tear damage that we can’t escape. However, those with pristine classics performed regular, routine diagnostic. You take the car into the shop and see how it’s doing, change the oil, rotate the tires, etc.

We, too, need to perform regular, routine diagnostics on our self. This means checking in with ourselves on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Asking ourselves how we’re doing; are we getting to do the things that bring us joy and energy; are our relationships flourishing or just surviving?  This is step one to keeping your entrepreneurial mind in good shape.

Trying to take care of ourselves without undergoing this process is like trying to do maintenance on a vehicle whose engine you know nothing about.

Do you need help? Ask a friend.

Sometimes performing a self diagnostic, especially for the first time, can be quite challenging. It’s challenging because it can be difficult to give an insider answer on how you’re doing.

In many cases, we’re biased towards telling ourselves everything is great and that we’re doing fine. This bias seems easy to make sense of—who wants to hear from themself that they’re not doing well? Not many. So, if you’re find this part challenging, enlist the help of a close friend.

People you know well and who you can trust are the perfect candidates for this task.

2. Prioritize Quality Rest

Rest is a complicated thing. Sometimes what we ordinarily count as rest actually depletes us of our energy.

Laying on the couch and scrolling through social media, for example, may seem restful at first; however, once you factor in the mental energy you spent by observing the lives of everyone you follow and all that they may trigger in you, you may be net negative in your rest levels overall.

The key question when trying to figure out how to rest is what helps you create more energy? Sometimes rest can look like:

  • Quality time spent with your best friend or partner catching up over a meal.
  • Maybe a low intensity work out leaves you feeling more alert and energized.
  • Perhaps reading your favorite book over a cup of coffee revitalizes you.

Identify what delivers you energy and increase it; identify the energy-depleters and, if you can, minimize them.

This task is extremely connected to the first task. You may not know that you’re in need in of quality rest. You may even come to learn that what you thought was rest this whole time was actually taking energy from you.

Quality rest for your entrepreneurial mind and those around you.

As entrepreneurs, we ought to consider getting quality rest one of our chief tasks. The second we begin to compromise on this and put it to the side, everyone around us will inevitably begin to feel the effect. The reason for this is that when we’re not rested, we have less to offer in every domain of life—work, school, relationships, etc.

It may be a while before folks pick up on your fatigued state and its impact on them or the team, but just give it some time and they eventually will. The entrepreneurs that know and adhere to the importance of rest in their lives hold the key to long term success, growth and development.

So, what do your rest rhythms look like? We invite you to consider them today as you continue on in your entrepreneurial journey!

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